New Student Information


Things you might need to know…

How old does my student need to be in order to participate in classes?
  • The minimum starting age for Life Skills classes is 7 years old with students eligible for participation until they graduate high school.
How much does it cost for my student to participate in programming?
  • PLAYer level sessions are $100
  • Par/Birdie/Eagle session are $190
  • This fee includes scheduled 9-hole league play for Par/Birdie/Eagle students
  • Financial aid and payment plans are available
How long are classes?
  • Life Skills classes are typically 1.5 hours long
  • 9-hole league play is typically 3 hours long
where does my child start?
  • Every student NEW to the First Tee must start at the PLAYer level appropriate to their age.
  • PLAYer 1 is for ages 7 to 10
  • PLAYer 2 is for ages 11 and older
  • We are a progressive developmental program so golf skills alone do not determine the student level.
  • Length of time at each level depends on the student’s ability to show understanding, exhibition, and continual use of our Nine Core Values and Life Skills being taught as well as continued improvement in their golf skills. (see the “Certification” section for more information)
Does my student need their own equipment?
  • We supply all the necessary equipment for students to participate in class. If they already have their own, we encourage them to bring it to each class.
  • Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the weather and that they are wearing tennis shoes or golf shoes (no flip-flops or sandals)
  • Each student is required to bring a water bottle with their name on it (water provided – no food)
Can my student start classes today?
  • Classes are offered in multiple sessions throughout the year
  • Students cannot enter a session in the middle and must wait until the start of a new session with registration being required
  • Select a PLAYer level class in the next session based on your student’s age and your schedule. Example – If you choose a Tuesday at 5 pm, your student will go to that class on that day and time for the entire session.
Where are the First Tee classes offered?
  • We have 4 program locations: The Creek at Qualchan (home course), Esmeralda, Deer Park, and The Highlands
  • Students take all “Life Skill” classes at the location for which they registered
  • The 9-hole league play is held on Saturdays at 5 pm at a different location each week (see schedule)
What are the Tournaments and Fun Days on the calendar?
  • These are fun events where our students can explore and display what they are learning in the Life Skills classes (IE, Scrambles, Drive-Chip-Putt, and Big Break challenge)
  • Most events require participants to be registered members of The First Tee with some events being open to all young people and sometimes their parents & guardians
  • Registration is required for all The First Tee events (on-line or paper copy)